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Why Modesta Glass Coating?

First off, let it be said that Modesta Glass Coating isn’t for everyone.

Think of it as a type of insurance. While it makes a lot of sense to buy insurance for valuable property that’s in considerable danger of being damaged, it’s a waste of money to insure something of little or no value. The same is true for Modesta Glass Coating – it’s only for vehicles whose owners LOVE their cars and want to keep them looking even better than brand new.

What is Glass Coating?

Glass coating is the end result of a process that cars undergo to protect their paint surfaces, minimize their maintenance requirements, and leave them with a superior-looking finish.

The glass-coating process involves preparing the paint surface then applying a liquid or liquids that create a chemical bond to the car’s paint. The resulting coating is a layer of high-grade silicium unmatched in its protective capabilities and glassy shine.

How does Glass Coating compare to other paint-protective coatings?

“Glass coating” is so-named because it results in a surface that is virtually the same as actual glass, meaning that the resulting surface is incomparably thick and with a candy-like gloss. Furthermore, it is worth noting that glass coating is unlike wax and other paint sealants that are resin based. Because resin is an organic material, it eventually degrades over time due to factors that cars are naturally exposed to, including acid rain and UV rays, among others. This makes it possible for destructive substances to eventually degrade a vehicle’s paint surface, something that, with proper care and maintenance, cannot happen to a car with glass coating.

How does Modesta Glass Coating compare to other glass-coating brands?

+ true for four Modesta products: BC03, BC-04, BC-05, and BC-06

* true for three Modesta products: BC-03, BC-04, and BC-06

You might be wondering about why Modesta is able to achieve such phenomenal results and other glass-coating brands are not. Well, the Japanese coating manufacturer Modesta has been around since the very beginning of the car-protective-coatings revolution that has been going on for almost two decades.

Moreover, Modesta stands alone in terms of its technology because it manufactures its products in house and distributes these products through a carefully licensed network of worldwide distributors, unlike its competitors that produce car-coating products for other brands.

Worldwide Installers Network

How is Modesta Glass Coating applied?

Some prep work must be performed before Modesta Glass Coating is applied via either wet, dry, or via spray application, depending on the Modesta product to be used. This prep work involves ensuring an absolutely clean and blemish-free paint surface through a meticulous process that can only be accomplished correctly by trained and experienced professionals.

This is why you have to bring in your vehicle for Modesta Glass Coating servicing, preferably when it is brand new.

So why Modesta?

While we have to admit that Modesta Glass Coating is not the most affordable among paint-protective coatings and glass-coating brands, it is well worth it if you care about providing your vehicle with the best paint protection possible. Feel free to contact us if you would like to talk to us about Modesta Glass Coating and the various options available to you.

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