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Try out the BEST touch-up repair system for normal, PRE-COATING and PRE-Paint Film protections in the market

Dr. ColorChip™ system, a simple and effective system used extensively by professionals, like us, in the commercial touch-up industry to repair minor paint chips and scratch damage on your used or brand new vehicles. 

Dr. ColorChip™ automotive paint is designed to dry within minutes yet remain pliable so it can be manipulated and flattened over chips and deep scratches. The paint is NOT the typical touch-up paint or pen that you can buy at your nearest retail or local automotive parts store; The unique formulation of Dr. Colorchip™ when used properly, allows it to dry very quickly, enabling you to blend away all the excess paint in just minutes, leaving paint ONLY on the areas of the chip or scratch. That's right! No elevated uneven bumps on the repaired areas!

The end result is a professional permanent repair perfect for pre-coating or pre-wrapping.


The system have matched paint colours from old microscopes, medical devices to boats and airplanes, so should you feel the need to find the exact match to your color code, we can definitely do that for you. They are committed to being the number one provider of touch-up paint system in the market and so, Their sole purpose is to give you a satisfied result. Check out our FAQ page for more information and to determine if the paint chip repair system is right for you.

Dr Colorchip About



√      Treats stone chips, grit chips, minor scratches & road rash.

√    Ideal for all cars, motorbikes, caravans, motorhomes and boats.

√    Gets your vehicle looking pristine again – perfect for those with resale in mind!

√    With option to pre-order Factory Paint specific to your automotive paint color code.

√    Our propriety secret paint formulation stays in the chip and does not wash out.

√ Dries really fast without curing time

√    No need to finish with a clear coat lacquer – one treatment process and solution

√    Option to order DIY kits with 4 kinds of options to choose from.

√     Guaranteed effective, easy and safe to do in the comfort of your own garage.

√  Or you can have our professionals do it for you by contacting us!

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