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What is Modesta

Protective Coating?

                 Modesta is a Japan-based manufacturer of premier paint-protection glass coatings that have been recognized worldwide as the industry leader in terms of providing the most durable protection and the highest-quality finish among the paint-protective coatings in the market. 


                  The technology that allows Modesta to stand head and shoulders above its competitors is its pioneering use of non-resin-based high-grade silicium. No other paint-coating product can claim to be capable of up to ten years of protection and of producing the candy-gloss shine that Modesta has built its name upon. 


                   Modesta’s resounding success is no accident. Having begun its research in 2005 and keeping true to the Japanese standard of excellence as a member of the chemical society of Japan, Modesta is one of the true pioneers of new-age automotive coating. Furthermore, aside from the superiority of its products, Modesta prides itself in its mastery of the application process, which is why it licenses its products only to the most highly trained professional detailers and installers.

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