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  • Where does Modesta® come from?
    Modesta is the most exclusive automotive paint protection product line world wide. Each bottle is made by hand by our professional chemists in Kagawa, Japan with the greatest passion and care. Worldwide they are known for the most advanced technology of paint protection and respected for their outstanding quality and customer care. Modesta’s products have been developed by leading Japanese scientists and are only available to our hand-selected detailing specialists through our worldwide distributor network.
  • What is Modesta® Coatings?
    Modesta Glass Coatings are regarded as the best performing and longest lasting coatings currently available. Modesta Glass Coatings are silica-based and provide amazing chemical protection to paint, wheels, and paint protection film. This incredible protection means bird droppings, bug guts, and other environmental hazards will not have a chance to permanently etch your vehicle’s finish. On top of the second to none chemical protection, Modesta Glass Coatings are also the most hydrophobic coatings available. This creates a self cleaning effect that will not only keep your vehicle cleaner, but make your vehicle easier to clean when you do wash it. On top of the unequalled protection offered, Modesta Coatings also add astonishing gloss and luster to your paintwork that other coatings can’t compare to.
  • Can I apply Modesta® on my own vehicle?
    Due to the nature and complexity of our coatings, it is best applied at our workshop with skilled technicians and proper tools. This way, we can ensure that you get the most out of our products while reaching the best product output.
  • Can another of my preferred detailer apply Modesta® Coatings for me?
    No, you may only choose to have your protection program done by one of our accredited shops specifically trained to handle Modesta products.
  • What is the application process of Modesta® Coatings?
    It takes approximately 2-3 full working days to apply and achieve a full paint protection program. Process as follows: 1. Check List 2. Check for Dents 3. Check for Paint Issues 4. De-griming 5. Polishing 6. Coating 7. IR Curing 8. Release
  • How long does it take for my car to finish, if I bring it in?"
    It takes 2-3 days for a brand new vehicle with minor paint correction requirements. Can take longer depending if extensive paint correction or dent repair is needed to achieve best results. We do it the Modesta way, wherein we believe that paint correction is equally as important as the actual coating process.
  • What are the benefits of having my car coated with Modesta®?
    Having a protective barrier on top of your paint surface will yield to: 1. Easier Cleaning 2. Scratch Resistance 3. Protective Barrier against chemical reaction 4. Protective Barrier against bird droppings 5. Less adhesion to dirt 6. UV Protection to prevent premature ageing 7. Less water spots 8. Permanent Candy-like Gloss 9. Maintain higher vehicle value
  • Is it true that my car will be Scratch Proof?
    Due to the added membrane on top of your vehicle paint, it is true that your vehicle will be less susceptible to unwanted scratches. If you want added protection to make your vehicle scratch proof, it is suggested that you get an added layer of Autozkin Paint Protection Film on top of your coating.
  • Can Modesta® prevent pesky Water Spots?
    Our chemicals will prevent and avoid unwanted water spots as long as the coating is properly cared for.
  • Can Modesta® prevent Rock Chips?
    Rock chips hit your vehicle when you drive aggressively, or drive on dirt roads. It is suggested that you get a combination of Modesta and Autozkin PPF for maximum protection.
  • My car is old and full of scratches, Can I still have my car coated?"
    It is best to have your vehicle assessed professionally at our workshop. We would then walk you through and recommend the next steps before coating.
  • Can Modesta® protect my exisiting PPF or Vinyl?
    It is best to bring your vehicle to the workshop to have the exisitng ppf or vinyl checked. We will recommend further steps to do
  • How long will Modesta® coating last on my car?
    If properly cared for, between 3 to 10 years depending on which package you go for.
  • Do I have to wax my car?
    No, this will damage your coating and void your warranty.
  • Does Modesta® Packages require maintenance?
    Depending on the package you choose there will be an annual maintenance program which will be performed at our workshop.
  • What do I do after my car has been coated with Modesta®?
    Please refrain from washing the vehicle for two weeks. If completely necessary, please wash with gentle car soap, rinse thoroughly and dry. Avoid washing the vehicle under the sun.
  • Does Modesta® prevent Asphalt sticking on my car?
    Yes, due to the slick surface of the coating, you will have less adhesion of asphalt
  • What is Autozkin™ PPF and where is it from?
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  • Can I apply Autozkin™ at home on my own car?
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  • What makes Autozkin™ different from other PPF brands out there?
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  • Can I buy Autozkin™ and have my preferred installer apply it for me?
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  • What is the installation process of Autozkin™? Do you need to dismantle parts of my car?
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  • What are the benefits of Autozkin™?
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  • What is the expected life of Autozkin™ on my car?
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  • Can I install Autozkin™ even if I have Glass or Ceramic Coating on my car already?
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  • How do I maintain my Autozkin™ film?
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  • Will Autozkin™ yellow over time?
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  • How deep of the scratch can Autozkin™ still heal?
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  • What is the difference of pre-cut vs manual-cut Autozkin™ and their pros and cons?
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  • Can I wash using pressure washer? If yes, can I do it right after installation?"
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  • Will removing or replacing the Autozkin™ film harm my exterior car paint?
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  • If I get partial Autozkin™ protection, will the cut edges be noticeable?"
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  • Can Autozkin™ be installed on head lamps fog lights and tail lamps?
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  • Warranty Coverage
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  • Claims Process
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  • Limitations
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