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Supercar Slayer | Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The most powerful street-legal Ford Mustang to ever come out of the factory - now ready for the streets of Manila!

Packing 760 horsepower from a supercharged 5.2 liter V8 engine, the newest generation of the Shelby GT500 is an iconic muscle car reinvented with supercar-like performance.

This GT500 was treated to a myriad of application-specific Modesta Glass Coatings: BC-03 (Exterior)+ BC-06 (Wheels and Calipers) + LPS (Leather Interior).

Autozkin PPF with Advance Coating Technology was then used on the full exterior + interior panels to protect them from damage, stains, and contamination.

Our Modesta + Autozkin "Premium" Full Wrap Package includes:

- Complete Exterior, Interior, and Engine detailing - Paint Decontamination and Degrime - Multi-step Paint Correction and Polishing - Modesta BC-04 Glass Coating for Eterior - Modesta BC-06 coating for the Wheels, Brake calipers, and Engine - Modesta EGC coating for the Glass Windows - Autozkin PPF for the Whole Exterior - Autozkin PPF for the Interior Panels, Trims, and Screens - 6-year warranty for the PPF on Delamination and Adhesive Problems

Please do not hesitate to message or contact us using the details below for inquiries. Contact Numbers: +63927 479 6936 / +63917 515 0388 Waze: Auto Vault Speed Shop

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