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Radically Redefining Paint Protection | Radical SR3

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

It’s not everyday that we get the privilege to work on race cars capable of blistering acceleration and insane cornering, especially one that’s purpose-built to do it again and again at the track. Boasting an RPE-Suzuki engine capable of 225 horsepower, a six-speed sequential gearbox, and a weight just shy of 620 kilograms, the Radical SR3 is truly a different animal.

We received our client’s SR3 after its shakedown at Clark International Speedway. Work on it started after it arrived at the shop as our team got to degriming and detailing the whole race car. With the owners permission, we stripped off the factory decals to get access to all areas of the exterior during the polishing and paint correction process.

While this was happening, we got to digitally rendering a concept of a livery for our client - proudly wearing the brands that we carry at Auto Vault Speed Shop.

Quickly transitioning from concept to reality, the rendered and now printed livery was then applied with great care and precision.

Next, the whole body of the SR3 was protected with super thick Autozkin PPF with Advance Coating Technology - a perfect match for a car that’s expected to be exposed to the extremes as it attacks the local racetracks.

Autozkin PPF-ACT is packaged with 4 distinct layers, each of them contributing in making the film easy to install, highly flexible, weather and scratch resistant, transparent, water repellent, and durable against paint contaminants and fouling.

To cap it all of, Modesta BC-05 Advanced Water Repellent Glass Coating was used to to coat the whole exterior of the SR3.

BC-05 produces a deep shine and helps to protect the paint from all kinds of damage while giving Modesta’s signature “candy-like” gloss to the paint. The coating is also proven to reduce drag by 5 km/h compared to regular paint at speeds over 60 km/h.

We can't wait to see this Radical SR3 in action on the local racetracks once the racing season starts once again!

Interested in livery design and bespoke protection for your race car? Contact us to learn more.

ℹ️ 📞 Contact Numbers: +63927 479 6936 / +63917 515 0388 🌏 Waze: Auto Vault Speed Shop

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