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Protecting Unicorns | Porsche 993 Turbo

Every once in a while, we get the privilege to work on machines that enthusiasts around the world consider as unicorns. Admired for their performance prowess and treasured because of their rarity, these well-respected automobiles command a high price and are desired by many. One such machine is considered as the last hurrah of the turbocharged, air-cooled 911s - the Porsche 993 Turbo.

Often hailed by car magazines and reviewers as the greatest generation of the 911, the 993 Turbo is a true modern classic that can keep up with the pace of current sports cars. It’s not hard to see the reason why, as it boasts twin turbochargers, all-wheel drive, bigger brakes, and a six-speed manual transmission that helps put down around 400hp in a light and nimble chassis.

Official Porsche publications say that only around 5900 units of the 993 Turbo were built from the end of 1995 until 1998, with only a handful of those currently in the Philippines. A unicorn as it may be, this particular car arrived at Auto Vault Speed Shop needing quite a lot of attention.

It sported a less than stellar paint job with marks left over from a previous respray - a job which probably did not involve the removal of the lights and the US-spec bumper trims. Stone chips and noticeable scratches were also present, while the factory Paint Protection Film on the rear fenders were deteriorated because of time.

More than 20 years of time, in fact. Our team took a lot of extra effort in carefully degriming and polishing the car, removing two decades worth of dirt and paint contamination that brought back to life the color of the car immensely.

It was then coated from top to bottom in Modesta BC-04 Nano-Titanium Glass Coating, an inorganic combination of pure glass and nanograde titanium that creates a deeper shine and outstanding reflections on the paint. BC-04 also enables the creation of a thick barrier that prevents contaminants from sticking on to the paint, increasing the scratch resistance of surfaces and creating water-repellent properties.

After curing the coating under IR light, our team proceeded to apply another layer of protection - Autozkin’s Paint Protection Film with Advance Coating Technology.

It’s four distinct layers help Autozkin’s film become easy to install, highly flexible, weather and scratch resistant, transparent, water repellent, and durable against paint contaminants and yellowing.

Another layer of Modesta coating on top of the PPF finishes it off, while Modesta Exterior Plastic Coating on the black plastic trims restore their color to like-new. The original 18-inch Porsche wheels and Porsche big brakes also received a coating of Modesta BC-06, heat-resistant up to 1,300 °C protecting them from hot brake dust and making them easier to clean too.

Working on a modern classic truly is a challenge, especially one that hasn’t been protected with a coating or film before.

However, the satisfaction from our client was well worth it - seeing how we were able to put stellar into less than stellar on this unicorn of a 993 Turbo.

Do you want to protect your modern classic too? Contact us to learn more about our coating and PPF packages as well as our products and services.

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