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Baby ///M | Protecting the Autoholic Garage BMW M2

At Auto Vault Speed Shop, we're thankful to have a lot of close friends in and around the local automotive industry that trust our work.

We started working on the Autoholic Garage BMW M2 by going through all of our shop procedures in order to ensure quality. When the car arrived, it was cooled down and parked so that it could go under our checklist process. This involves meticulously identifying every tiny bit of damage or area of concern that's present on the vehicle and taking note of it before being sent to the owner.

Once the owner approves of the identified areas after the checklist process, our team then proceeds to degriming the whole car with a proper car wash and materials before moving on to our multi-step paint correction process. All of our Modesta coating and Autozkin PPF packages come with these extensive steps that would involve detailing the exterior, interior, and engine bay of a vehicle prior to application of the coating or the film.

After making sure that the car is perfectly clean and free from any dirt and grime and the paint is near-perfect after polishing - we then proceed to our coating process with Modesta. Modesta's different chemicals that we use on our different packages each have unique properties that can be adapted to the needs of our clients.

Then, once the coating properly cures under Infrared Curing Lamps, we moved the car to our safe and secure PPF area so that our team could start work on wrapping it in clear Autozkin PPF.

Autozkin PPF with Advance Coating Technology protects your exterior from stone chips, light scratches, and contaminants - especially when a car gets driven hard on a regular basis. It's extremely thick and durable yet it offers clarity and added shine to the paint.

This awesome car is also rocking KW Suspension coilovers, Volk Racing wheels, an aftermarket exhaust, and lots of carbon fiber goodies. We hope to see this car come back soon for it's first wash after release.

If you're interested in giving your car the same amount of bespoke protection, please give our Facebook page a message or call us using the details listed below.

Contact Numbers: +63927 479 6936 / +63917 515 0388

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